Victoria is one of the most inspiring woman to me. She is really focusing on her talent in designing and doing what her passion is. So how did it all began and where does Victoria’s inspiration come from?

The process behind the development of her designs and especially the signature dress was very natural: When it comes to her collections there are no real milestones excisting, they are evolving. For the first presentation she decided to present her collections in New York, and not in London, as she is working in LA. In the beginning she started with small presentations and this was 5 years ago. The special thing about her form of presentation was that Victoria talked about the collection, while showing it to a few people in the room. This was a good start to explain the designs and catched the interest of journalists. Her focus was on proving to herself that the product is good, a good quality and that people want to buy it. So the best advice was from her friend Marc Jacobs: „Always create quality items“!

Victoria @ work in her Atelier in London Batersea/ Credits:

Some interesting facts:

Victoria started her career as a designer, because her aim was to design a signature dress – a dress that she would want to wear as well.

The inspirations behind her collections are:


For her last collection Julian Schnabel ‚s Art inspired her to choose the colours for the garments. When it comes to the styles she also developed many new techniques with her team to create fluidity in the materials.

Victoria on Interior Design:

Working together with Kelly Hoppen made her understand that there are many parallels between spaces, interiors and fabrics. So in general a creative language, in interior or fashion design, is always something that has to develope.

About the development of Victoria’s signature look:

Victoria wasn’t aware how important the signature look was, until she found out what she wanted to buy and was looking for. She wanted to design dresses which she would want to wear herself. The important thing for her was to be herself. Then it all happened very naturally- it was an organic development of her collections.

The signature dress…

…is made for strong woman, it’s luxury fashion and the collections are empowering. The woman wearing Victoria’s fashion is strong, confidend, empowered.


Credits: net-a-porter & mybestbrands

vb15 2vb15vb collection 2015

Victoria Beckham Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2015 in New York

Credit: nowfashion Victoria Beckham Spring/ Summer 2oI5

„Its important to challange yourself and try new things- also in style.“ Victoria Beckham

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