The Clique

Nika and Ann-Britt, creative minds and founders of The Clique.

Nika  Singer/ Songwriter/ Editor/ Consultant

is a Singer/ Songwriter, Editor and always loves to develop concepts and create something new while combining all disciplines or focusing on one.

Ann-Britt  Designer/ Stylist /Photographer/ Graphic Designer

is a Designer, Stylist and loves to create pictures, patterns and fabric which can be a part of a project (the idea of certain projects) or just stand alone (ein eigenes projekt- für sich stehend).

Founded in 2014, The Clique has a focus on a personal view on fashion, lifestyle, culture and everything creative.(the core of it/ the true heart and stories behind it)

(Both have: A background in Arts, a huge love for fashion, see inspiration everywhere and want to empower Art and Artists.)

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