Projection LA by Vincent Lamouroux

Projection by artist Vincent Lamouroux

Bates Motel – 4301 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California, Credit: WMagazine

This recently was the place where passants and even drivers stopped to park their cars at the roadside and see what had happened to their iconic sunset pacific motel – also well known as „The Bates Motel“.
Because suddenly the abandoned common place – that earned its Hitchcockian nickname by way of its criminal past – was fully coated in white.



The French artist Vincent Lamouroux spent days to colour the „Bates Motel“ and its surrounding palm trees in limewash, which is an ecofriendly, biodegradable substance, often used to save trees from too intense solar radiation.
Doing so he masterfully created a ghost, by erasing the building and making it more visible then ever at the same time.
By this means he created a perfect metaphor for the fugacity of our fast moving society and the finite nature of humans‘ life – one day you‘re here and the next day you‘re gone.

This is even more illuminating as Lamouroux indeed might capture the buildings last glory, before it is likely to be demolished at the end of the year.

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Another intention of the installation indicated is its title: ‘Projection‘.
By bleaching the wreck completly and making it innocently white again, he erased the building’s dark past and  re-created a new surface at the same time which enabled the betrayer to project somethin new on it.
The formerly eyesore of the neighbourhood became a place, which invited people to
do exactly so: Project their own thoughts onto it. Now everybody is welcome to fill the pure, clean and white walls with new dreams, wishes, ideas and ideals.

Thanks to the hashtag #ProjectionLA we can see that it works very well, as it spread very fast.
On countless photos of nearly every social media channel you can see people interacting with the installation, which shows that the real and digital world are closely spaced when it comes to „Projection“ – especially as the core of Lamouroux’ work lies in the physical experience of transformed spaces.
Social Media here in first place was an instrument to take part in the installation emotionally yourself.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-22 um 11.21.55

Credit: Instagram Screenshots #ProjectionLA

And of course, despite all the artistic intension and projection – deep diggin, let‘s be honest:
a completly white oase in the middel of buzzing like a bee life of LA with its white palm trees streching into the baby blue sky – it‘s just so beautiful to look at. ( and a great backround for your newest Instagrampost #Projection LA)

So who‘s behind it all: French visionaries, friends and supporters of Lamouroux, Nicolas Libert and Emmanuel Renoird – owner of Concept Gallery-Stores “Please Do Not Enter” in Downtown.
Together with a Nonprofit-Organisation „Creative Migration“ and their Event partner „Sustain LA“, who are both organistations advocating for economical sustainability, the intsallation which was seen until 10th of May evolved.

„ProjectionLA“ is closed now – but it makes me even more excited and interested about how it will transform from now on and how it will be seen in future.

About #ProjectionLA:
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